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The very name of the city comes from ” Tbili ” – warm, as the nation itself .

City, which is based in 4 BC Vakhtang Gorgasali , its history has lasted more than 1550 years  .The king ordered  to erec the city between of  the  two Caucasus Mountains. The city’s name comes from the word ” tbili ” which means “warm ” because sources of the  warm water found here. In the 4th century  the capital,as called at that time, Iberian kingdom , served ancient Mtskheta . After  Tbilisi become the capital . City was well known in the west and the east , as was the center of commerce, trade routes through it goes the roads to the Arab countries , Russia , Byzantium and India. At this time, the city also famous for its craftsmen who stood weapons and jewelry craftsmanship. Until now, in Georgia , you can buy hand-crafted jewelry with enamel and many others.

The city has many historical monuments that have remained since ancient times . Historic center of the city is “Old Tbilisi “. Walking the streets of the historic district , you can see the sulfur baths – the water in these baths comes from the ground and contains sulfur , the same warm springs , in whose honor the town was named . Fortress ” Nariqala “, located on the mountain “Mtatsminda” , dates from the 4th century AD , the temple ” Metekhi ” – the temple was the residence of the Georgian kings , Sioni Cathedral Church Anchiskhati – the oldest church in Tbilisi. Just in old Tbilisi  you can see also Jewish synagogue and Turkish mosque Armanian church.

Also in the area of ​​old Tbilisi  you must visit Shardeni street is narrow streets with a variety of trendy cafes , restaurants, bars and clubs. This is the most lively street, here   held a lot of  at night  , a lot of young people meet each other here. This place is the meeting of friends , resting place for the family, a romantic place for lovers – a universal space for all activities. Near located The Parck Rike , where fun walk place for both, adults and children . You can enjoy the view of Tbilisi rising cable path to the castle ” Nariqala .” A “Bridge of the Peace “, which have a lot of various  light at night , making it the most memorable.

Ethnographic open-air museum , here you can see the ancient houses and buildings in different regions of Georgia. The museum is located next to the ” Turtle Lake “, where you can while drinking a hot cup of coffee in a cozy cafe , enjoy the view on lake , ride the paddle boats or just enjoy a walk in the fresh air .

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