About Kutaisi

Kutaisi is a very ancient city of Georgia , archaeological data provide the opportunity to say that this area existed 100,000 years ago.

Administrative center of Kutaisi Imereti. Kutaisi has alot of importance to the cultural and industrial sector after Tbilisi. There are theaters , galleries , different cultural buildings . Kutaisi is the capital of the Colchis . In the Middle Ages, the city is connected with David the Builder .


During David the Builder , 1122 , Tbilisi was liberated from the invaders , and the royal throne was moved from Tbilisi to Kutaisi . It was during this period was built Gelati Monastery , which is located in Kutaisi , though the city has changed status, but once he did not lose the role in the development of culture and education , on the contrary , became an important cultural centers of the city .


Kutaisi is an old city with an inspiring history and culture, admired with its  attractions such as : The Gelati Monastery , Bagrat , which are UNESCO heritage

XII-XV centuries in Gelati Monastery was full autonomy in Gelati Monastery king had his personal representative . In the second half of the XIII – XV century , the country was in a recession that has improved during the George V.


In the XV century Gelati was burned by Ottomans , then later King of Imereti Bagrat III made large building work . He repaired and painted temples. Many times city has been rebuilt  and in Kutaisi today its one of the most fascinating , diverse, visited cities in Georgia. It is because of this state has restored all the old buildings , built parliament, which has become very popular sight for tourists.

In Kutaisi airport built , and then more frequently adding new direction that plays an important role in tourism development . Tourism helps to develop and improve the economy.


Kutaisi is a very wealthy city , there are many attractions , many hotels, restaurants , cafes, clubs …..

Come to Georgia , Kutaisi visit and you will be pleasantly surprised .